Ha Le: Create a product registration strategy for each customer

Registering products at Ha Le Consulting helps customers have a firm basis to bring products to market as well as complete control of tax costs.

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Product registration service

Chemicals notification

Determine immediately the feasibility of each ingredient. Non-arising consultant fee.

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Cosmetic notification

Verification of all legal documents. The results are from 10 to 15 days.

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Functional foods notification

Accurate classification of products; drastically pursue the results to the end in all circumstances.

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Regular foods notification

Prepare - submit - deliver results quickly across the country. Published dossiers comply all standards.

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Fertilizer notification

Flexible classification of products to have the most safe, reasonable results.

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Medical & agricultural chemical notification

Non-arising package service. Complete the registration dossiers and technical documents.

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Why choosing Ha Le?

Why choosing Ha Le?

With nearly 20 years of experience in the field of product registration, we know the rules of operation in the field. We are ready to share with our loyal customers, create a strong relationship to really go together on the long and long journey.

We keep the service fees to a minimum level due to the application of the latest technology and registration trends in the world. International experience in harmony with everyday situations in 64 provinces and cities across the country creates absolute peace of mind.

Every step of the market or supermarket, each product that is registered by Ha Le all have its own place.

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