Food publishing Service

According to the regulations of Vietnamese law, before bringing their imported foodstuff onto the market, individuals and organizations have the responsibilities to self-declare their product quality standards at provincial or city level competent authorities. These organizations and individuals are allowed to launch the product onto the market only after successfully self-declaring product quality and take full responsibility for the safety of the products on the market and must comply with Vietnamese law and regulations.

Legal basis:

- Decree No. 38/2012/ND-CP Detailing the Implementation of some Articles of the Law on Food Safety;

- Decree No. 15/2018/ND-CP Elaboration of some Articles of the Law on Food Safety;

- Decree No. 43/2017/ND-CP dated April 14, 2017 of Government on Good Label;

The Values Ha Le provides

  • Correct ingredients to meet Vietnamese regulations and importers' requirements
  • Demonstrate the products use by winged words in the legal framework.
  • Draft Letter of Authorization and consult on preparation of CFS.

Service description

Ha Le Consultantcy provide advisory on the dossiers and carry out procedures with competent authority from the time the enterprises prepare the dossiers to the completion of the product proclamation. Specific tasks include:

  • Consultation on completing documents in accordance with Vietnamese law, especially in advisory on labeling components, typo, specialized and terminological spelling errors in the Vietnamese legal system.
  • Support working and direct interpretation with the manufacturer on the adjustment of the original file to comply with the provisions of Vietnam in the product release and circulation license.
  • Consular legalization procedures with necessary documents.
  • Comply the use of the product on the form of publication in accordance with the purpose of advertising when selling goods and ensure the legal elements on the form published.

Difficulty of food businesses

  • The manufacturer's record does not conform to Vietnamese law, even if the product qualifies for use in Vietnam, rooting from use of non-similar terms.
  • Difficulty in explaining to the foreign manufacturers the re-processing of dossiers for carrying out procedures for publication in Vietnam.
  • Difficulty in contacting and proceeding for legalization of documents through consulates.
  • Content of product announcement makes it difficult to advertise.


Execution time

From 7 to 10 working days (from the time of receiving service)

Service prices

Number of products registered / boutService price
>501.100.000 VND/P
>301,250,000 VND/P
>20     1.500.000 VND/P
>101,750,000 VND/P
6-102,200,000 VND/P


Execution time

Estimated 2 - 3 workdays

(from the time of receiving service)

Service prices

Registered Quantity / boutService Price
>50550.000 VND/P
>30     650.000 VND/P
>20750.000 VND/P
>10     850,000 VND/P
6-10     1.100.000 VND/P

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Things should be prepared by customers

1. The business registration certificate covers the specific food business

2. Labels of products circulated in the country of origin (label of products circulated in the country of origin (product information: name, ingredients, utility, name of manufacturer, name of company which put products on the market) ...)

3. The results of product testing within 12 months, including the main quality criteria, safety criteria, which are provided by: The laboratory assigned by the competent state agency or recognized independent one (original or notarized copy); or laboratory of the country of origin recognized by the competent authority in Vietnam

Note: The laboratory is ISO 17025 compliant

4. Samples of finished products for testing

5. Pictures of products, packaging pictures, containers of products (if the products are packed in barrels, please clearly capture the content of the label on the barrel).


Execution time

Estimated 2 - 3 workdays

(from the time of receiving service)

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Content changes

  • Change the name and / or address of the company responsible for bringing the product to market
  • Change of name and / or title of representations at law
  • Change / add import company
  • Add packaging specifications of the product

Ha Le Consultancy respectfully send you:

  • Service provided in all provinces and cities across the country
  • Maximize the cost and time of customers
  • Strategic advice before, during and after publication


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