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Touch materials publishing Service

Touch materials publishing Service

Publishing food packaging mate or packages and food containers is mandatory for the enterprise to comply with the law and to gain consumer confidence in the product business process.

Legal basis:

  • Law on Food Safety No. 55/2010 / QH12
  • Decree No. 15/2018 / ND-CP
  • Circular 19/2012 / TT-BYT

Accordingly, vertical materials (packages, food containers), regardless of whether they are domestically or internationally, must comply with regulations on food hygiene and safety. In particular, the self-declaration of compliance with food hygiene regulations (issued by the Food Safety Department) is a proof for that.

Service description

Ha Le consulting consult the dossiers and carry out procedures with state management agencies from the time the enterprises prepare the dossiers till the completion of the product announcement. Specific tasks include:

  • Consultation on completing documents in accordance with Vietnamese law. Especially in consulting components labelling, specialized writing and spellings errors, and terms used in the Vietnamese legal system.
  • Assist in working and explaining directly to the manufacturer about the adjustment of the original document to comply with Vietnamese regulations in product announcement and circulation authorization.
  • Consular legalization procedures with necessary documents
  • Compiling product use on the published form is both suitable for the advertising purpose when selling goods and ensuring the legal elements on the published form.

Difficulties of food business enterprises

  • The manufacturer's dossiers does not conform to Vietnamese law, even if the product qualifies for use in Vietnam. Resulting from the use of non-similar terms
  • It is difficult for the enterprise to explain to the foreign manufacturers the re-processing of dossiers for carrying out procedures for publication in Vietnam
  • Difficult to contact and document legalization through consulates
  • Product publishing content makes it difficult to advertise

Values Ha Le provides:

  • Providing services in all provinces and cities across the country
  • Maximize the cost and time of customers
  • Strategic advice before, during and after publication

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