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Service on Registration of Advertisements for Cosmetics

Service on Registration of Advertisements for Cosmetics

According to the Law on Advertising, Advertisements for cosmetics is the form that requires a license on advertising prior to conducting. We will provide consultancy and guide clients on the Procedures for applying for advertising permits for cosmetics in Vietnam

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Service description

A dossier of application for a cosmetics advertisement permit comprises:

- Application for advertising license (provided by Luật Hoàng Phi);

- Certified copy of Business Registration Certificate;

Advertising content, specifically:

+ 01 expected advertising content recorded on disc, audio disc, floppy disk attached with 02 scripts (sealed by the organizations, individuals registering for advertising contents) for advertisement on television or radio.

+ 02 copies of maquette of expected advertising content (sealed with organizations, individuals registering for advertising contents) attached with soft file contained content of registering advertisement for ad on newspapers, poster or printing on other items, advertisements on e-newspapers, electronic portals of enterprises, electronic portals of advertising agencies, internet

  • The certified copy of Receipt of announcement of cosmetic products with certification stamps from the Department of Health or the Drug Administration of Vietnam;

Notice on the content of the advertisement

1. The contents of cosmetics advertisements must be conformable with:

a) The announcement of cosmetics prescribed in pharmacy laws;

b) Documents proving the safety and effects of the cosmetics, instructions on announcement of cosmetics effects given by an international association (if any).

2. A cosmetics advertisement must contain:

a) Names of the cosmetics;

b) Effects and uses of the cosmetics;

c) Name and address of the entity in charge of launching the product;

d) The warnings prescribed in international agreements.

3. Do not advertise cosmetics in a way that cause people to confuse them with medicines.

4. The information mentioned must be clearly spoken when advertising cosmetics on audio and video news.

The Values that Ha Le provides

  • Consult the entire process and procedures before implementing the service.
  • Draft all the necessary paperwork for cosmetic advertising licenses.
  • Represent business to carry out all necessary legal procedures at the licensing agency until it is licensed to advertise.
  • Represent clients to receive the original advertising license and hand over to clients.
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